Questions commonly asked by our customers…

Why do people choose Paws cattery?

Our clients are the best people to ask (have a mooch through our testimonials) but what we can say is that almost all the cats that board with us come back for another stay. We have a very high rate of repeat business and many Vets recommend us to their clients.  Of course, we’re too modest to boast about what sets us apart but we like to think that our convenient location, close to central London and our friendly, personal approach having something to do with it.

How do you stop the cats from getting bored?

We periodically play with, stroke and cuddle those cats that want it.  We have toys and scratch posts, however you are welcome to bring your own.

I’m worried about my cat settling, how will I know if he/she is ok?

We completely understand that it’s an anxious time for you and your cat and we’re very used to dealing with separation anxiety from both parties. Most cats will settle very quickly but we are good at dealing with those who need reassurance. Cats that crave attention will get plenty of it, others prefer to be left to their own devices and we respect that, and we provide boxes and beds for them to hide in and will keep disturbances to a minimum.  As for you, we will proactively keep you updated on the progress of your pet so that you can relax and enjoy your break.

My cat is an indoor cat, is Paws Cattery suitable for him?

Yes, our chalets are specifically designed to allow plenty of room to play and climb. We spend time with all cats each day and can provide toys and other play items for stimulation. Of course, feel free to bring your favourite toys with you.

I have never used a Cattery before and not sure if it will be ok for my cat(s)

Lots of our customers have never used a cattery before often because they have never found one, they are happy with. We have lots of ‘first timers’ – from small kittens to elderly cats and they usually settle very well with the right care and attention. We also have a high level of returning customers and get a lot of referrals from a number of Vet groups.  A lot of customers come to us from ‘word of mouth’ recommendations.

There are many reasons for people to need to use a cattery and we are always happy to discuss any individual situations and offer advice to customers without obligation. We also strongly encourage new or prospective customers to come and look around the cattery so they can see the facilities that we offer. It also provides a chance for them to meet us and chat about their cat’s needs.

Do the cats get to go outside?

All our units have and enclosed indoor section where there is a window, place to sleep and a heater. Each also has a cat flap for the cat to access the outside area.  The outdoor area allows each cat to get fresh air whilst remaining completely separated from the other cats that are staying.  Each outdoor area is separated by a sneeze barrier in line with FAB regulations.

My cat has never used a cat flap before.

This is not a problem. Cats are usually very intelligent and soon work out to use a cat flap. We observe each new guest to begin with until we a are sure that they know how to get in and out. The cat flap can also be removed to allow free access if necessary.

Do cats mix with other cats who are staying?

Our cattery adheres to strict regulations that stipulate that all cats in the care of a cattery must never have contact with another cat throughout their stay. This minimises any Health and Safety risk it also ensures that a high standard of infection control is maintained.  Every cat remains in the unit for the duration of their stay.

My Kitten is full of energy and used to running around and playing. I’m worried that he/she will get bored in a cattery whilst I’m away.

Most kittens settle really quickly, and we always pay particular attention to them to ensure they have plenty to do. Always remember to bring plenty of toys for them to play with.

My cat is used to being very warm and cosy at home.  How will he/she cope with staying at the cattery?

We have heaters in the indoor section of each individual unit. These heaters keep the temperature to a comfortable and cosy level.

I am anxious about leaving my cat as I have never done this before. I can’t bear the thought of him/her not settling and not knowing if he/she will be ok.

Some cats do have a very nervous disposition and we prefer to have as much information as possible to help us help the cat to settle.  Our approach depends entirely on the individual cat as each one is different.  It’s useful for owners to bring something such as blanket or old jumper that smells of home.  The familiar scents provide reassurance for the cat to make them feel secure. We are more than happy to keep you updated by telephone/e-mail/text as often as you need.  The more information we have about your cat’s likes/dislikes/habits the easier it will be for us to settle them.

Do I need to bring food for my cat?

Yes owners need to provide their cats usual food. Please ensure that you bring enough food for your cats stay, this will ensure continuity of their diet.